ibzim003 Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Remixes)

ibzim003 Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Remixes)

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We are Ibiza IM and are proud to present the exciting new Remix on the Disco House Legend Giorgio Moroder.
The Chase was back in the 70´a huge international hitperformer with the film Midnight Express in all charts.

With the support of David Mayer and MOSGI plus the force of Denis Naidanow we on IbizaIM bringing some significant, long-standing Remixes with that accomplish back the original sounds of Giorgio Moroder.

The David Mayer Remix gives the original song a more pure contemplative meaning and recalls the hit stave where he puts the needed layers over the earworm beats of the original with rounds ups for the delicate and playful meaning of each Dj Set.

The Denis Naidanow Remix with its pure melodies weave is perfect DJ work Material mixed with cosmic backgrounds and giving an exotic lookout on evergreen frequencies.

The accomplishing Remix of MOSGI is punchy, yet elegant with playful techno cut-ups drifting through pushing beat rides into a meaningful message.

Giorgio Moroder – The Chase RMX´s

1. Giorgio Moroders – The Chase (David Mayer Remix)
2. Giorgio Moroders – The Chase (Denis Naidanow remix)
3. Giorgio Moroders – The Chase (MOSGI Remix)

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